3 Sept 2023: Added XA- Mexico
25 December 2022: Added ET - Ethiopia
3 October 2021: Added YR - Romania
23 August 2021x: Added EC - Spain (official)
28 October 2020: Added AP - Pakistan
23 August 2020: Added EX - Kyrgyzstan
6 August 2020: Added PK - Indonesia
2 August 2020: Added TI - Costa Rica
10 April 2020: Added 4O - Montenegro
10 April 2020: Added VT - India

prefix        country official
AP- Pakistan official
A2- Botswana official
C- Canada official
CC- Chile official
EC- Spain official
EC- Spain unofficial
EI/EJ- Ireland official
EK Armenia official
ER- Moldova official
ES- Estonia official
ET- Ethiopia official
EX- Kyrgyzstan official
E7- Bosnia Herzegovina  official
F- France official
G- UK official
HA- Hungary official
HB- Switzerland official
HC- Ecuador official
HI Dominican Republic official
HK- Colombia official
HL South Korea official
HS- Thailand official
LN- Norway official
LV- Argentina official
LX- Luxembourg official
LZ- Bulgaria official
LY- Lithuania official
M- Isle of Man official
N USA official
OE- Austria official
OH- Finland official [currently unavailable]
OK- Czech Rep. official
OM- Slovakia official
OO- Belgium official
OY- Denmark official
PH- Netherlands official
PK- Indonesia official
PP/PR/PS/PT/PU- Brazil official
PZ- Suriname official [currently unavailable]
P2- Papua New Guinea official
P4- Aruba unofficial
RA- Russia official
SE- Sweden official
TF- Iceland official
TI- Costa Rica (XLS) official
UR- Ukraine official (XLS)
VH- Australia official
VP-C Cayman Islands official
VT- India official; only added and canx. aircraft over several periods
V3- Belize official
XA/XB/XC- Mexico (XLS) official
XT- Burkina Faso  official (updated 2015)
YL- Latvia official
YR- Romania official
YU- Serbia official
ZJ- Jersey official
ZK- New Zealand  official
Z3- Macedonia official        
ZS- South Africa official        [currently unavailable]
2- Guernsey official
4L- Georgia official
4O- Montenegro official
5B- Cyprus official
5H- Tanzania official
5V- Togo official
6Y- Jamaica official
9A- Croatia official
9H- Malta official
9V- Singapore official


Made by Harro; data: Inspectie Leeftomgeving en Transport (ILT), laatst bijgewerkt 21 oktober 2019

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